Thrive Issue 6

Issue 6! Welcome to another cracking issue of Thrive, this one we know you’ll love!

Recently we were watching the news covering the catastrophic eastern coast floods, an interviewee shocked and devastated at his loss, shrugged his shoulders and said “It’s one of those things”.

It’s such an Australian expression, but it speaks volumes of generations of resilience. With everything we have recently endured, so much has been lost and as we pick up the pieces, the TED Talk video about the fallout of grief (Page 21) helps us as to how to come to terms with what has happened so as to move forward in a healthy way – something Thrive is ultra-focused on.

Since we launched this magazine during these times of challenge, we have heard from many of our readers and as expressed to us, so much context has been found and gained in the past year. Part of the process is resetting mindset: things like practising kindness, mindfulness, gratitude, respect and positivity in life and work have come to the fore and will be ever-more important.

As contributor Lee-Anne Carter says in the story Kindness Is The New KPI (Page 24): “You do not know what anyone else is dealing with, and it should not matter – kindness costs nothing.”

Many sayings have popped up on social media to encourage us through these challenging times. One of our favourites: “The comeback is always stronger than the setback”.

Thank you for your continued readership, stay strong and keep in touch!

Anthony & Lachlan

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