Thrive Issue 4

Hello and welcome to the 4th issue of Thrive magazine! Four issues in and we are excited to be continuing to bring you such amazing stories and content from topics provided by our health and wellbeing leaders, made even more relevant as our world starts to get back to a ‘new’ normal.

Thank you again for all the terrific feedback and valued suggestions for the topics and updates you would like to see more of in future issues. Many of these from the previous issue have found their way into this feature-packed version.

With December upon us and a summer of fun ahead, where we can take the opportunity to de-stress and unwind, you’ll find in this issue of Thrive we have content to help you keep in check what normally is an ‘over indulging’ time, the opportunity to review your finances by mitigating the ‘Laziness Tax’ and when celebrating with friends and family during the festive period how to still enjoy yourself with mindful drinking.

Additionally you’ll be captivated by the yearly Firefighter Calendar and the focus our front line heroes bring to the support of our Australian Wildlife, whom this time last year were really doing it tough during the bushfires.

We want to make sure we keep tapping into the topics and issues vital to your physical and emotional wellbeing, and that will enhance your quality of life. So we’d love to hear from you. Please turn to Page 48,
where we ask for your feedback about Thrive.

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