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Content is key in building a relationship with your patients and customers in-between consultations or appointments.

Thrive Magazine is designed for you to keep in touch by distributing engaging content designed to be white-labelled for your organisation or business by incorporating your logo, your branding, your colours and your custom content. After all, it should be all about YOU.


Thrive Magazine

Created Just For You

Each month Thrive is jam packed with engaging content strategically created by seasoned journalists who have worked with such publications as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, New Idea and Body & Soul. Thrive creates content that’s not only relevant, but engaging and motivational in order to positively enhance health behaviours and your bottom-line.  


  • Body
  • Fitness & Mindfulness
  • Mental Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Medical Advice
  • Nutrition
  • Health Trends
  • Movement
  • Motivation
  • Money – financial wellbeing
  • Life – living well
  • Work – health at work
  • Women In Health
  • Beauty


The eMag is pre-populated each month with new articles written by a variety of well-known and respected journalists, celebrities and health experts. We can also throw in such goodies as giveaways and video content.

Each month we created a fresh new eMag ready for distribution without you lifting a finger.

Marketing has never been so easy!

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