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Personal trainer, reality star and model Brooke Jowett freely admits that, during her first season of Australian Survivor in 2016, “I was quite young and a little lost. I wasn’t sure which career path I wanted to head down or what I was truly passionate about.

“After nearly two months of pushing my mind and body in brutal challenges, I realised that my passion was in fitness and motivation. As soon as I got home from the island, I enrolled in a course to become a personal trainer and that’s where it all started.”

After failing to beat David Genat in the Immunity Challenge on Day 47, she was finally voted out in a unanimous 3-1 vote, finishing fourth overall.

Like many of us who’ve found our lives turned upside down and inside out by COVID-imposed limitations, there have been huge challenges to mental wellbeing by being physically restricted. Regular exercise not only has myriad benefits for the body but the mind. Yet the prospect can feel daunting.

Brooke, 23, most recently Brooke took up the role of Master HIIT (high interval intensive training) Trainer for the hugely popular Keep It Cleaner workout program and app. And with appearances on Australian Survivor, Australian Survivor:
All Stars, The Project, Family Feud, Studio Ten and Have You Been Paying Attention, she has proved to be a popular guest and engaging personality.

She offers this advice to anyone overwhelmed by the idea of getting into a routine: “Without sounding too cliched, the hardest part about fitness is getting started.

“I always suggest to my clients to build their workouts into their routine so it is scheduled for first thing in the morning. By doing this, there are less interruptions or opportunities for `life’ to get in the way.

“This doesn’t always work for everyone so I suggest finding a time that suits you and writing it down in your diary or putting reminders in your phone for each session. If there are days when you are really not feeling it, head out for a long walk instead. Any movement is better than no movement at all.

‘Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment. There should always be an element of joy in your workouts. Whether it’s the type of exercise you’re doing (eg. HIIT, boxing or walking), or the type of music you have playing, I recommend trying everything and finding out what brings you the most joy. I promise that once you find your groove, you won’t look back!”

Recently, Brooke was asked to be Keep It Cleaner app’s HIIT (high interval intensive training) Master Trainer.

“It was one of the most exciting days in my career to date,” she says. The chief marketing officer (CMO), Michelle Battersby sent me an email off the back of an episode of All Stars Survivor.

“She saw my job title listed on TV as `fitness professional’ and wanted to know if it was of interest to me. Obviously, I jumped to the opportunity. The response of the KIC community to my workouts have been so positive.

“I am constantly getting tagged in photos and messages post workout and it makes me so happy to see the beaming pride in everyone’s faces once they finish one of my classes.”


Runners have used interval training for more than 100 years, alternating between sprints and jogging to improve their endurance. But HIIT didn’t really go mainstream until about a decade ago, when exercise physiologists started to come out with study after study demonstrating that intervals could deliver the biggest health improvement for your exercise time.

Recently, fitness professionals voted HIIT one of the top fitness trends for 2020 in a survey by the American College of Sports Medicine.

HIIT workouts generally combine short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise. At fitness studios and online, these workouts often mix aerobic and resistance training.

For example, you’d jog for 10 minutes to warm up, then do four four-minute intervals of faster running, with three three-minute intervals of moderate jogging or brisk walking in between, and a five-minute cool down at the end. And you can substitute jogging with other aerobic exercises, such as cycling or swimming. The whole routine should take 40 minutes.

Researchers still haven’t figured out exactly why HIIT works to improve aerobic fitness more than continuous types of exercise. But one key hypothesis has to do with the heart’s ability to pump blood.


Brooke has created her own activewear range, JRSY.

“It was created with the aim to keep people feeling great while also reducing pollution and preserving our oceans for future generations,” she says. “Each JRSY piece has been created using sustainable fabrics.

“Our tights, bras and shorts are made with recycled polyester (RPET). This fabric is created by breaking down plastic bottles that may have ended up in landfill or marine environment and turning these bottles into a super soft yarn. Our jumpers are made with a 100 percent organic cotton and recycled polyester mix – they are so incredibly snuggly!

“The earthy colours I have chosen for my range are thoseI know won’t go out of fashion as the seasons change. I made this conscious decision in order to reduce mindless consumerism and to take away the need to constantly update your wardrobe.

“JRSY is for every body. The designs are flattering for any age, shape or size. It makes me so happy to see such diversity in the people who have been buying and sharing my range.

“I have wanted to create my own activewear label for years, however, part of me felt guilty for contributing to the mass production and great amount of waste that stems from our fashion industry.

“It wasn’t until last year, that I decided there was a way to combat this dilemma and that was to create a sustainable activewear range and to provide people with a more mindful option when selecting their activewear.”

Instagram: @brookejowett

JRSY Instagram: @jrsylabel



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