The Beauty of Technology

A good skincare routine and sun protection are vital to maintain a healthy, glowing complexion. But there are times when they are just not enough to achieve the results we want. Enter cosmetic injectables and beauty device tech.


Once upon a time, we only had superficial weapons in our beauty armoury to address the signs of ageing and sun damage or treat “imperfections”, as we might consider physical features that bother us.

 While skincare products have come a long way over the last decade – especially the latest medical and evidence-based, vitamin-infused formulations – they can be expensive and, in reality, can only go so far in turning back the clock on the signs of ageing.

But we now live in a wonderful age where technology has allowed us to genuinely and truly turn back time on our appearance, with a range of non-surgical injectable procedures and device technology treatments that can provide outstanding results in a matter of minutes, days or weeks.

That deep frown furrow that you feel makes you look older and cranky? It can be virtually eliminated with some well-placed muscle relaxing injections. Bothered by deep facial lines and grooves, from nose to mouth or at the mouth corners, for instance? There is now a wide range of dermal fillers that can instantly plump out the hollows.

 In fact, in the hands of an experienced and talented injector, you can effectively “rebuild” the foundations and sculpt the anatomy of the face. Fillers, almost more than any other medi-cosmetic treatment, can provide instant results. Instant gratification!

We can now with ease minimise the features of our face that we don’t like, while emphasising and building on those we do. Here’s a taste from the smorgasbord of options available to Australian consumers:


Without naming brands, most people are familiar with the benefits of a medical professional injecting small amounts of muscle relaxant into strategic areas of the face to help soften, and in some cases, eliminate the appearance of lines and wrinkles in certain areas, usually where repetitive muscle movements have formed permanent grooves. 

While every face is different, there are some who exhibit the most signs of ageing around the eye area; for others, the movement of the forehead or brows can leave unattractive deep lines and wrinkles. But when it comes to regular injections of muscle relaxant in these areas, the result can be nothing short of miraculous as the face is restored to a softer, less lined appearance.


There is a wide and growing range of injectable fillers designed to suit almost every region of the face. Again, in the hands of a talented and qualified injector, the clock can be turned back almost instantly but, as with any medical procedure, choose your injector carefully. The level of expertise and experience can be the difference between a subtle yet sensational result, or one that is disappointing, even alarming.

We can now with ease minimise the features … we don’t like, while emphasising and building on those we do.


There are almost too many types of lasers to mention here. But as with all cosmetic/medical treatments, choose the best practitioner you can. Your laser professional can explain which laser is best for you according to your particular skin type and treatment expectations. In the right hands, sun damage, rosacea, fine lines, and even scarring, can be addressed. It must be noted, though, that multiple treatments may be required to achieve the optimum result. 

Other medi-cosmetic devices harvest a range of energies, such as light, radiofrequency, ultrasound, and cryolipolysis to produce specific outcomes (see Glossary for more information about these treatments).


For some people, no amount of exercise and dieting can produce the desired results in certain areas of the body. Often due to genetics, they hold on to stubborn fat pockets in areas like beneath the chin, inner and/or outer tights, midriff, stomach and love handles. These “problematic” areas of the body can now be permanently reduced and/or sculpted with the latest cryolipolysis technology, commonly known as fat freezing (again, see Glossary). To reiterate, it’s vital to have an experienced and talented practitioner perform the procedure.

About the author

Trish Hammond is founder and blogger of Plastic Surgery Hub, which provides independent, down-to-earth Australian information on plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. It offers real experiences and practical advice for women and men looking for suggestions and advice on available procedures. She started Hub when, after having plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures of her own, Trish could find little helpful advice from a patient experience perspective.

“At Plastic Surgery Hub, we feature only the most reputable surgeons and other related, allied medical practitioners. All of our contributors and members are reviewed, qualified and highly recommended,” says Trish.


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